The Red Sea Miracle 1 Digit - Collector's Edition

The Red Sea Miracle 1 Digit - Collector's Edition

Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle – Collector's Edition travels to the ancient lands of the Bible with award-winning filmmaker Timothy Mahoney (Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus, The Moses Controversy) as he dives deeper into the contentious debate over how and where the Exodus took place. This 6-disc box set includes a DVD and Blu-ray of the film and nearly 8 hours of new information on 4 bonus DVDs.

The Exodus out of Egypt is one of the most dramatic and foundational accounts in the Bible. After crossing a wilderness, the Israelites became trapped at a sea by Pharaoh and his chariots. God then miraculously saved the Israelites and destroyed the Egyptian army. Did these events take place as recorded in the Bible, and if so, where did they happen?

Discover more biblical and geographic evidence for how far and fast the Israelites traveled toward their final destination of Mt. Sinai. Bonus features include unseen interview footage and the popular Fathom Event panel discussion held at the Ark Encounter.

Were the Ten Plagues merely acts of nature? Did God really miraculously lead millions of Israelites through a large desert to a distant sea? Does the lack of hard evidence at the traditional sites mean the events didn't happen or have we been looking in the wrong places all along?

The Red Sea Miracle 1 Digit - Collector's Edition
  • Full Length Trailer - The Red Sea Miracle

  • Full Length Trailer - The Moses Controversy

  • Credibility Trailer Long - The Exodus

  • A Message from the Filmmaker

    Even among those who believe that the Exodus happened, there are many opposing views represented. Mahoney shares an important message about the importance of hearing from all sides.

  • Two Perspectives on the Exodus Route

    Two very different approaches are often used when determining how the Exodus events happened and what route was taken by Moses and the Israelites. Tim and Steve discuss some of the contrary perspectives between the Egyptian and the Hebrew views.

  • David Rohl

    As an Egyptologist best known for his keen interest in the Bible and maverick views on chronology revision, Rohl has a unique perspective on the Exodus. In this rare 2003 interview, he shares some of his ideas about Moses and the geography of the Exodus.

  • Hershel Shanks

    Shanks is one of the best-known figures in archaeological circles, yet he still considers himself an amateur. He shares how he started Biblical Archaeology Review magazine (BAR), along with his views of the miracles and historical validity of the Exodus events.

  • Jason S. DeRouchie

    After touching on his background of faith and biblical studies, DeRouchie lays out an important connection between the Old and New Testaments. He also explains his approach to interpreting biblical history.

  • Temple Grandin

    After giving her background, Grandin explains how autism helps her understand animal behavior in ways that others miss. She then goes on to share unique insights about the effects of autism, as well as therapy strategies to help those with it.

  • Jim Phillips

    Did the miraculous events of the Exodus really happen? Phillips relates how his work in both archaeology and anthropology has influenced his views of the Bible. He also explains how Egyptology has altered the way that it investigates the ancient past.

  • James K. Hoffmeier and Stephen Moshier

    Moshier explains what a geologist can add to our knowledge of the Exodus account. Hoffmeier tells how the relief from Pharaoh Seti might connect to the Exodus while each shows how the delta region with its canals and forts looked very different long ago.

  • Manfred Bietak

    Bietak gives his views on how the biblical account may connect to real history. While he sees no direct evidence for the Israelites at his preferred Exodus date, he has other intriguing reasons not to reject the claims of the Bible.

  • Alan Millard

    As a proponent of biblical historicity, Millard gives his reasons for accepting the validity of its historical events. He also discusses the soundness of Josephus’ writings and shares his background in archaeology, specifically with ancient languages and inscriptions.

  • Bryant Wood

    At the Shiloh dig site, Wood answers a series of questions about the history found in the Bible, such as: “Are the biblical accounts meant as actual historical records?” and “Did Moses write the first books of the Bible?”

  • Peter Wiegand

    Does modern science really contradict biblical faith? After recounting his unlikely conversion story, Wiegand profiles modern biblical criticism and gives reasons for rejecting those attacks.

  • Glen Fritz

    Fritz tells how he became fixated with solving the mystery of the Exodus route. He stresses the need for a geographic approach to resolve the problem, and shares how the resulting solution points to a place where a spectacular miracle occurred.

  • Barry Beitzel

    Beitzel shares how he grew up, came to faith, and became interested in geography. He stresses the vital role that geography plays in the Bible, and laments the fact that many people’s lack of geographic understanding has stunted their grasp of the biblical accounts.

  • The Israelites in Egypt

    When considering evidence related to the Israelites in Egypt before their Departure, there are conflicting opinions that differ on the dating of the Exodus. This bonus feature explores two main dating views and the evidence that they see around Goshen.

  • Pharaoh, a Shadow of the Serpent

    Discover how Pharaoh personifies Satan, who is also known as the serpent. These types and shadows of the serpent form a pattern that covers the full arc of biblical history from Eden to God’s judgment at the end of time.

  • How Many Israelites Departed Egypt?

    Does the biblical information favor total numbers of 20 thousand Israelites or 2 million? This question is a complicated piece of the Exodus journey. Go deeper into the arguments for the two main views that debate the true size of Israel’s population.

  • How Long to Reach a Population of Millions?

    A common argument against the Israelite population reaching millions by the Exodus, is that they did not have enough time in Egypt to make that feasible. Could they have gotten to millions within 4 centuries - what about in 2 centuries or in 4 generations?

  • The Israelite Multiplication Challenge

    If the Israelite population continued to multiply at the same rate that led to millions while in Egypt, what would happen in future generations? Would these ballooning numbers be a valid reason to reject the idea of millions by the time of the Exodus?

  • The Canaan Challenge to Large Numbers

    Before the Conquest the Bible says that the Israelite population was smaller than the nations that lived in Canaan. How many people lived in Canaan at the time, and what does this mean for the idea that there were millions of Israelites?

  • The Egypt Challenge to Large Numbers

    If there were really 3 million or more Israelites by the time of the Exodus, the size of their population may have rivaled that of Egypt. See the opposing arguments for why that would - or would not - be believable and fit the Bible’s descriptions.

  • How Was Moses Prepared to Lead?

    The many years Moses spent in Egypt and in Midian trained him in unique ways to lead the Exodus. See how his time in Pharaoh’s court, as a military leader, and as a shepherd prepared Moses to lead multitudes and their flocks out into the wilderness.

  • An African Account of Moses

    Many claim that the only evidence for the biblical Moses and his writings is from the Bible itself. However, there may be another source of information with ancient roots that comes from an intriguing location.

  • Were the 10 Plagues Merely Acts of Nature?

    Some view the miracles of Exodus, such as the plagues, as God only working through natural means in ways that have been seen before. However, others think that many were so spectacular they could only be explained as acts of God.

  • And Pharaoh Sent the Israelites Out

    Rabbi Manis Friedman gives his insights to the Departure step of the Israelites from Egypt. Did Pharaoh just let them go, or did he command them to leave at once, thrusting them out of his country?

  • The Hasty Departure of the Israelites

    What was the nature of the Israelites’ Departure from Egypt? Were they a disorganized mob with little hope of traveling very fast or far? Or were they organized and sent out in haste? See the biblical clues.

  • Was the Mount Sinai Destination in Midian?

    What was the initial Direction of the Exodus journey? The Israelites were initially headed to Mount Sinai, which many believe was in or very near the land of Midian, where Moses had spent 40 years of exile. But where was Midian?

  • The “Way of the Philistines” Debate

    The way of the land of the Philistines is one of the few Exodus locations known with certainty. The Bible clearly states that the Israelites did not go this way; however, there is disagreement about whether or not the Israelites really traveled in this direction.

  • Deleted Scene: Picnic Song

    See the original song written by filmmaker Timothy Mahoney. Sung by a bluegrass band at a family reunion picnic, the story retells the biblical account of the way the Israelites took out of Egypt and how that relates to life today.

  • The Way of the Wilderness of Yam Suph

    The way of the Philistines tends to get much attention in the Exodus debate, while the way of the wilderness of Yam Suph is sometimes ignored. Yet this is one of the few places the Bible mentions between Egypt and the sea. Where was this road?

  • Tim and Steve on the Way of the Wilderness

    Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney and researcher Steven Law dig deeper into the various views for the way of the wilderness of Yam Suph. Which route seems to fit the biblical information best?

  • The Wilderness Before the Sea

    Which wilderness did Moses and the Israelites cross before being trapped at the sea? Were biblical wildernesses always deserts? Go deeper into the debate between the two views on the size of the Exodus wilderness.

  • How Many Days to the Sea?

    Determining the Exodus route to the sea is all about time and distance. Was the sea reached in just 3 days or was it more than 3 weeks? Explore biblical clues to how many days it took the Israelites to cross the wilderness before they reached the sea.

  • The First 2 Camps of Succoth and Etham

    In the Bible, God commands Moses to record a list of the stops during the Exodus journey. The first 2 camps on this list are seen very differently by the Egyptian and Hebrew approaches. Were these camps inside Egypt or out in the wilderness?

  • How Far Could the Animals Travel?

    One factor determining the speed at which Moses and the Israelites could have traveled was the capabilities of the animals with them. How far can sheep go? Was there enough water for them all? And could some animals actually help them travel faster?

  • Was There Water in the Sinai?

    Was there water in the Sinai to sustain the Israelites’ journey? Tim Mahoney and Steve Law discuss the variables before Tim gives a behind the scenes account of the rainstorm he encountered in the Sinai region.

  • Debating the Israelites’ Speed of Travel

    How much ground could the Israelites cover in a day and therefore what size wilderness might have been crossed in the time allowed? Tim Mahoney and Steve Law discuss the various opinions in the Egyptian and Hebrew approaches.

  • Travel Rates and Routes in the Wilderness

    The main travel route options are explored while considering how far the Israelites might have traveled in 24 hours. What were the upper limits of the armies? And could Pharaoh’s chariots realistically have crossed the Sinai Peninsula?

  • Fathom Panel at the Ark Encounter

    See the panel discussion on the film featuring Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, Jeremy Lyon; radio talk show host, Janet Mefferd; CEO of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham; Bible teacher, Kay Arthur; and Moderator, columnist Todd Starnes.

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